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Business on
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Your Path to Freedom and Change Starts with you.

When Luminess started nearly 25 years ago, we began a mission to provide innovative beauty solutions built on a foundation of quality products with a direct connection with our customers.  As a Luminess Beauty Advisor you continue this tradition of direct connection in our most meaningful way. As an LBA, you will have a direct connection with your sponsor, the Luminess brand, and your customers. Your ability to touch, educate, and demonstrate the innovative products of Luminess gives you an unprecedented opportunity for creating your very own beauty business. We invite you to discover this opportunity and join us as we continue to break barriers together.

The Art of Freedom

As a Luminess Beauty Advisor, you will unlock a truly unique opportunity that isn’t bound by office hours, or a boss to report into – just the freedom to experience life the way they want to plus:

Earn Up to 40% Commissions on Sales
Sell an Exclusive Collection of Airbrush & Color Cosmetics and Skincare Products NOT Available in Stores
Have the Freedom to Sell Products that Speak to You with NO inventory to manage and no overhead

The Art of Entrepreneurship

Luminess Beauty Advisors are Savvy, Passionate, and accomplished women who are looking to take the next step in building something of meaning for themselves and their families.  They understand and are confident that when their determination and commitment combines with:

Decades worth of Entrepreneurship Expertise
Recognized Beauty Brand with Over 20 Years of History
Innovative and Breakthrough Beauty Products
Experienced Support & Training that they can truly uncover their business potential.

The Art of Relationship

Get Together, Grow Together. Luminess Beauty Advisors come in all forms from all backgrounds.  Doctors, Stay-At-Home Moms, Business Managers have all come together to discover that starting their own beauty business has not only been potentially rewarding financially, but has given them a much larger purpose.  Whether its growing their teams and changing others lives with new found freedom, or the ability to give back to their community, Luminess Beauty Advisors are discovering the power, and beauty of lasting relationships.

Join us for a Luminess Beauty event in your area to discover how The Art of Beauty can have a significant impact in your life.


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