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Silk & Smooth 

What It Is:
A powerful yet painless hair remover that seamlessly treats unwanted hair to reveal a silky, smooth finish.

What It Does: 
Nowadays it seems like every aspect of life is in HD, and that every part of us is on display – unfortunately, the same goes for that pesky peach fuzz! Luminess Silk & Smooth is specially designed to gently target and remove unwanted hair without leaving redness or irritation. This electric shaver is the perfect companion to any woman looking to refine her appearance. Silk & Smooth quickly and easily treats the face, bikini, arms, underarms and other areas for a smooth canvas. This hair remover utilizes the power of a dual-blade precision rotary system to provide a close, comfortable shave anywhere unwanted hair deigns to grow. With powerful rotating twin blades, a stainless-steel safety coil, and a completely portable size, Silk & Smooth allows you to safely, easily shave anywhere, any time.

• Two-blade precision rotary blades provide close, comfortable shave
• Beautiful rose gold color adds chic element to your beauty routine
• Adjusts to the contours of your body to easily glide over curves
• Ergonomic design allows for a comfortable experience
• No water or shaving cream needed
• Strong yet quiet motor for discreet shaving anywhere
• Small, portable and convenient for travel
• Safe, painless shave, every time
• Can be used anywhere on the body, including face, underarms and bikini area
• Easy-to-clean design
• Powered by 1 AA battery (not included)

Travel Case

This small, chic new case makes traveling with and storing your Silk & Smooth Hair Remover incredibly easy and worry free. Whether you’re traveling abroad, taking a weekend road trip, or heading over to a friend’s house, rest easy knowing your hair remover snugly tucked away in this custom-made case.

Hard outer shell provides barrier against damage
Chic black color for stylish storage
Easy-to-use zipper will never catch or break

Distraction Mascara

A volumizing 3-in-1 formula that enhances your lashes with all-day curl, dynamic dimension and weightless length. The unique bell shaped high-precision brush lifts at the root, separates and coats each individual lash for an eye opening effect. Goes deep into the lash line for feathery fullness. With just one swipe, the thinnest, shortest and lightest lashes will look soft, shiny, healthy and lush. Coat after coat, this pliable, buildable mascara stays flexible even after it dries. Our long-wearing and smudge-resistant formula is a rich carbon black for maximum drama.
Our luxury cosmetics are packaged in a tandem design with an interlocking, magnetic casing. Only need mascara and a lipstick for touch-ups? Just click your favorites together for on-the-go beauty.
• Unique bell shaped brush styles and sculpts instantly
• Adds natural looking length, curl and volume 
• No uneven buildup
• Will not drag, clump or flake
• Paraben-, Sulfate- and Phthalates-free 
• Noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic
• Ophthalmologist tested
• Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes

Allure Blush Powder - Demure

Silky, pigmented blush powder that enhances the complexion with a natural-looking flush of color. Featuring a buildable formula that blends easily and effortlessly for seamless application on any skin tone.  Deumure is a Mauve with Bronzed Shimmer.

• Highly pigmented color
• Adds a natural flush of color to any look
• Buildable and blendable formula                                             
• Ideal for all skin tones

Makeup Eraser Cloths 

Gently wipe the day away with Luminess’ new and improved Makeup Remover Cloths.
These Makeup Eraser Cloths feel different because they are different. From the thick, durable texture of the black cloths themselves to their unique, dry, oil-based formula, you haven’t seen makeup remover cloths like this before.
Luminess Air's best-selling makeup remover cloths just got a luxurious upgrade. Now featured in a chic black color, our soft cloths are infused with a calming, refreshing makeup remover that soothes tired skin and helps you get ready for bed.
The cloths’ smooth, non-abrasive texture makes them perfect to use on your face, neck, eyes and lips without irritating even the most sensitive skin. While they’re gentle on the skin, they’re tough on makeup. They even remove our 24-hour lip stains in a single swipe!
So, what actually makes our makeup remover cloths so great?

Rose water is a gentle antibacterial that helps heal scars, cuts and wounds (hello, acne) while maintaining your skin’s pH balance and keeping your skin from getting too oily. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm irritated skin, reduce redness, and clear up acne, dermatitis and eczema. It also works as a cleanser to remove the built-up oil and dirt that are clogging your pores. Rose water helps to hydrate, moisturize and revitalize your skin, while preventing fine lines and wrinkles, to help your beautiful skin look as refreshed as it feels.

Chamomile extract is the skincare equivalent of that coworker who seems to be able to do ten things at once, successfully. It works as a strong anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant. It soothes inflammation and is gentle on sensitive and acne-prone skin while fighting and blocking irritants that damage your skin and accelerate the aging process. Its antioxidant properties can help disinfect and heal minor skin wounds, and help reduce acne inflammation, breakouts and minor scars. A natural skin brightener, chamomile extract promotes a healthy glow as it heals and restores skin’s natural moisture, while increasing the penetration and effectiveness of other skin topicals.

Cucumber extract is essentially a super food for your skin. Largely composed of proteins, lipids, vitamin C and a plethora of minerals, the juice is a natural emollient and moisturizer that works overtime as an astringent, helping soothe and relieve puffy skin. It naturally helps your skin shed during cell regeneration, keeping your skin looking fresh and young. Cucumber extract tightens and firms your skin to revitalize it help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while its protein and lipid components give your skin a luxuriously smooth feeling.

Neem extract, and the leaves from which it comes, have been used to help heal skin conditions in Indian culture for centuries. Neem leaves and neem oil extract work as antibacterial and antiseptics, and are used in pastes to treat skin conditions from acne and rashes to psoriasis and eczema. Neem extract is the perfect treatment for small scrapes and cuts as it prevents bacterial disease and redness.

Squalane is an optimized version of the moisture naturally found in your skin. It boosts cell regeneration and oxygenation, helps heal chapped and cracked skin, and helps prevent age spots. With antibacterial properties, squalene permeates the skin at super-speed to help heal skin and relieve dehydrated, ultra-sensitive skin while counteracting the conditions of eczema and psoriasis. It’s also highly stable against oxidation, helps prevent UV damage to skin and the appearance of wrinkles, and helps skin retain its natural oils.

Vitamin E is your skin’s best friend. It helps keep you looking young by preventing the formation of wrinkles, by blocking free radical damage, and treats current wrinkles by boosting collagen production, supporting new skin cell growth and speeding up cell regeneration. The essential vitamin provides damaged skin with necessary moisture and antioxidants for intensive healing and preservation. While pure vitamin E oil is a bit thick and sticky, we use just enough to heal and hydrate, without leaving any kind of residue.

• Moisturizes skin without leaving a sticky or oily residue
• Gentle texture and soothing ingredients calm skin
• Provides a cooling, refreshing way to remove makeup
• Perfect for the most sensitive or acne-prone skin
• Helps heal blemishes, scars, cuts and wounds while unclogging pores
• Restores skin’s natural nutrients and moisture
• Helps treat and prevent signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
• Delicately removes even the toughest makeup
• Aromatic ingredients bring serenity to your bedtime ritual

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