Beauty is

our passion


Our Mission

Art of Beauty... Built by dreams, powered by imagination, energized by innovation, always ahead of the times!

Nearly now for 25 years, Luminess and the art of Beauty means that we take risks and create outside the box with fearless inginuity & child like curiosity to create innovative and exceptional quality beauty products that are best in class and highly disruptive. The art of beauty also stands for diversity and tolerance where individuals from all over the world can collaborate, regardless of skin color, creed, ethnicity, background or gender to be productive where economic advancement breaks barriers of inequality. The art of beauty is nothing without humility and compassion that gives back to benefit the most vulnerable and precious! The art of beauty is ultimately designed to empower the individual beauty connoisseur to look and feel confident and independent knowing that wearing the best is responsibly sourced, environmentally sustainable and made from quality we all can stand behind.

Our Journey

Founded by current CEO, Sean Mehta, Luminess was created as a professional quality Airbrush Cosmetics line that was designed to be easy-to-use for the at home consumer.  Today, we celebrate over five million airbrush units sold and our fifth generation airbrush system which is the smallest, lightest, and most precise system available on the market.  With new innovations in lip, and eye cosmetic products and formulations along with breakthrough skincare products, Luminess is now a full-service beauty brand.  

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves in being the #1 Global Leader in Airbrush Cosmetics and with a complimentary full line of Lip, Eyes, Face, and Skincare formulas we provide innovative solutions to the majority of beauty needs.  Our commitment to innovation, quality, and service extends to each Luminess Beauty Consultant who joins us and every consumer who uses our products.